Berenice Carter. Founder of Auscapes Images

Berenice Carter. Founder of Auscapes Images


History of Auscape Imaging

Berenice Carter was raised in the Northwest of Australia. Her backyard was the spectacular Pilbara. Her natural eye for colour and form was perfected by endless hours watching light and shadow play across primal landscapes in a never-ending kaleidoscope of striking contrasts and subtle hues.


Berenice left the Northwest to pursue a career in sales and marketing, but continued her love affair with the country of her heart by studying photography to better appreciate and capture the mood and atmosphere exuding from the rich, rugged vistas.


Berenice’s natural affinity with her spiritual heartland has compelled her to return time and again to capture countless images of this enduring, yet ever changing landscape. Berenice eventually settled in Perth and continued to photograph locally and in the North until she passed on April 2015. Her work and her memory continue to live on in the hearts and homes of thousands who have graced their walls with one of her stunning landscapes.


Today Auscape Imaging and Berenice’s legacy continues with new contributions added to her wonderful collection by various contributors including her daughter Rebecca Carter and new Auscape Imaging manager Tony Bowers.


Most of the photographs in the collection were shot on Fuji Velvia 120 on dedicated Noblex panoramic cameras that shoot large format 6x17in film, which still surpasses many modern digital cameras in resolution and detail. Recent contributions are photographed using Professional DSLR cameras often with 6 to 10 successive photographs stitched in post production to make a single panorama of around 100MP or more. These film formats and digital techniques allow for extremely large prints with unprecedented sharpness and detail. Up to 3 meters long in many cases.